Education Advisory Board


It is the mission of the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to provide educational opportunities and resources to carry NENA’s message to its members and the broader public safety community. In addition, the EAB provides the NENA Executive Board with committee support in defining and developing NENA’s educational mission.


  1. Act as an advisory body and information filter for the Executive Board, committees, and staff
  2. Identify and advocate what types of products and educational offerings should be developed and offered for the education of the NENA membership
  3. Facilitate the development, review, and production of books, texts, video, internet-based resources, and/or any other materials or systems that support NENA's educational initiatives and mission
  4. Participate in the marketing of educational offerings, materials, and other related NENA resources
  5. Develop and engage in activities and initiatives that further the EAB’s mission and support the larger work of the Association



Eric Parry, ENP  EAB Chairman
Kimberly Clark, ENP  
Laurie Anderson, ENP  
John Kelly, ENP  
Jennifer Kirkland, ENP  
Brian Tegtmeyer, ENP  
Mike Ball, ENP
Tami Chamberlain, ENP
John Ferraro, ENP
Ty Wooten, ENP NENA Education Director
Lisa Fulton, ENP NENA Instructor
Jamison Peevyhouse, ENP  NENA Executive Board Liaison
Chris Nussman NENA Communications Director