Human Resources - Resource List
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Human Resources - Resource List
Document Type: Reference
Standard Number: NENA-REF-004.3-2017

This "NENA Resource List for Human Resources Information” is a tool for PSAP managers and administrators to use as a resource for locating information on various Human Resources related information

This document is provided as a resource for PSAP managers and administrators to use in locating information related to various Human Resources issues. Resources are available concerning the following issues:

  • Legal Issues and Informational Sources
  • Employee Selection
  • Employee Training
  • Scheduling and Staffing
  • PSAP Operations
  • Employee Assistance
  • General Issues

The listing covers operational issues as well as matters that may affect the human resources of 9-1-1 Communications Centers.

Committee Name(s): PSAP Operations

Created: 09/06/2005


Human Resources - Resource List


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