NENA Hall of Fame
Delaine Arnold, ENP
Nancy Banks, ENP
Jason Barbour, ENP
J. William Bell
Robert J. Benson
Jerry Bleck, ENP
Ron Bloom, ENP
Ronald Bonneau, ENP
Charles G. Bonney, ENP*
Kenneth W. Borror*
Mary A. Boyd, ENP
Bernard L. Brabant, ENP
Thera G. Bradshaw
Tom Breen, ENP
John M. Brooks
Bernard J. Brown, ENP
Sharon Counterman, ENP
L. J. Coverdale*
John Crabill, ENP
Doug Crosbie*
W. Waddey Costin *

Bob Cobb, ENP
Bob Currier, ENP
Christine A. DeCourtney
Ed Dow
Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP
Toni Dunne, ENP
Doug Edmonds, ENP
Pete Eggimann, ENP
John Ellison
Norman H. Forshee, ENP *
Rick Galway, ENP
William S. Gay *
Bob Gojanovich,ENP
Renee Hardwick, ENP
Harland H. Hector, Sr.*
George Heinrichs
Thomas W. Hicks, ENP
William H. Hinkle
Laverne Hogan *
Barbara Jaeger, ENP
David Jones, ENP
John M. Jones
John Kelly, ENP
Edward Marecki, ENP
Jim McCausland
Bill McMurray, ENP *
John R. Melcher, ENP
Peggy Miller
Thomas H. Miller
Michael Moos
Bill Munn, ENP
Stephen F. O'Conor, ENP
Beth Ozanich, ENP
James O. Page *
Eric Parry, ENP
Jamison Peevyhouse, ENP
Michael G. Petricca, ENP
Don L. Phillips
Billy Ragsdale
Richard Ray
Roger W. Reinke
Roger D. Richardson*
R. J. Rogerson *
Leah Senitte
Patricia J. Sitar *
Bobby J. Stanton*
William Stanton, ENP*
Robert A. Stojkic *
Richard N. Taylor, ENP
Barbara Thornburg, ENP
Deanna Tuck
Jerry Verwolf
Craig Whittington, ENP
Christy Williams, ENP
David C. Yandell, ENP

deceased *

This distinctive honor is the highest honor that the organization can bestow and of which no more than two per year, in addition to the national designations, can be awarded.

NENA Hall of Fame Logo

Those who receive this honor have made a significant contribution toward the objectives of NENA above and beyond the chapter level may be designated as a member of the NENA Hall Of Fame. Those who receive this designation have served a full term as President of NENA or 6 years as a Regional Director. In addition to those who have held national office, no more than two additional members per year may receive this designation. Individuals nominated to receive this designation must have major accomplishments that have contributed significantly to the betterment of the association and whose contribution to public safety is so outstanding that it is of lasting importance to the advancement of the profession. It is intended to reflect honor upon NENA as well as upon the individual.

Criteria for selection:

The Hall of Fame award cannot be purchased; it must be earned. To be eligible for Hall of Fame membership, a person should be so outstanding that there can be no question about their suitability, and meet the criteria outlined below.

  • Nominee must be a member in good standing with the organization.
  • ENP certification is desirable.
  • The designation should recognize the contribution of an individual per se, rather than that of an individual representing the accomplishments of many.
  • The person elected to Hall of Fame should be of such caliber as to reflect honor upon NENA by this designation.
  • Membership should be conferred because of a contribution of more than passing interest and of more than local or regional achievement. The contribution may be to emergency communications or to a closely related field.
  • Other guidelines for determining eligibility may include: Participation at local and/or regional/state level, chairing a committee or task force, serving as chapter officer, volunteering time, effort and/or money or material goods that directly enhance public safety, providing industry related presentations, authoring articles, mentoring members, etc.

Hall of Fame Benefits:

  • Membership dues are waived for life, beginning the next billing cycle, and are nontransferable.
  • Complimentary registration to yearly Annual Conference & Expo for life
  • Special invitations to conference events.
  • Complimentary copies of official publication of the association (as desired).
  • Listing in the special Hall of Fame section of NENA publications and web listing.
  • Receives Hall of Fame Plaque and Hall of Fame Lapel Pin.
  • National Emergency Number Association Hall of Fame Award

Hall of Fame Information Document