Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis
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NENA Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis Information Document
Document Type: Informational
Number: NENA-INF-019.2-2016 (originally 53-501 & 53-502)

This document is provided to assist Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with the development of Hazard and Vulnerability Analyses. These analyses are essentially audits that provide planning tools to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents that have the potential to adversely affect the PSAPs ability to perform its critical functions. Every PSAP is unique and this document should be used as a starting point in disaster planning.

This document is intended as a guide for PSAP staff to review the hazards and their individual vulnerability to hazards, which may adversely impact the PSAPs ability to serve their communities. This document is not intended as a template, but as a guide to the process of hazard and vulnerability analysis.

Committee Name(s): PSAP Operations Committee

Created: 03/27/2007

Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis


53-501, Hazard Analysis, and 53-502, Resource Analysis, have been archived. The documents were updated and combined into NENA-INF-019.