Host a NENA Course or Webinar

NENA holds courses in conjunction with all of our conferences and events, and most chapters host classes at their state conferences or meetings. Additionally, many PSAPs, local and state governments, companies, public safety associations, and other emergency communications groups choose NENA as a cost effective, reliable, and proven method to providing critical education to parties of twelve or more.

Please read below for an overview of hosting a NENA course. If you would like to host a class, or have any questions or comments, please contact NENA Education Director Ty Wooten.

Method 1 - Outright Purchase

Under this method, the host buys the course(s) outright and handles attendee registrations. Our one-day classes are priced at $4,000, and two-day offerings are $7,000. Some courses that may require two instructors are priced slightly higher. Discounts are available for hosts who purchase multiple classes. Hosting courses using this method allows the host to set its own pricing, to provide free or discount seats to attendees, to pay for the offering out of a training budget or through a grant, and/or to potentially generate revenue from the event. Most NENA courses have a 30-seat limit. This number is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.


Method 2 - Per-Person Registration

Under this method, attendee registrations are taken by NENA Headquarters via our Online Registration Form. Our one-day classes are priced at $199 per person for NENA Members and $275 for Non-Members. Two-day offerings are $300 per-person for Members and $425 for Non-Members. These rates are not discountable or negotiable. Hosting courses using this method allows the host to provide high-quality educational opportunities at very little cost to the host. However, NENA does require at least 16 attendees registered per course 21 days prior to the event date in order to hold the class as scheduled.  The host agency is entitle to three (3) free seats for hosting the course.

Planning and Logistics

NENA Headquarters is responsible for:

  • Promoting the course via the NENA website and bi-weekly Email Blast
  • Creating flyers and/or registration forms (as requested by host)
  • Outreach to NENA Members in surrounding areas (as requested by host)
  • Printing and shipping of materials to course site and associated costs
  • Securing of instructor and associated costs (travel, honorarium, etc.)
  • Providing Certificates of Attendance to attendees who complete the course

Host is responsible for:

  • Providing date and location details to NENA Headquarters in a timely manner
  • Securing of meeting/conference room and all A/V setup and associated costs
  • Promoting the course via appropriate and available methods (website, flyers, etc.)
  • Providing refreshments for attendees (at host's discretion)




*All prices in US Dollars

**NENA Education & Training Cancellation Policy:  Students registered for NENA Education & Training courses must notify, in writing (email), the Education Director they are not able to attend the course at least 21 days in advance of the beginning of the course for a full refund.  Cancellation requests received within 20 days of the start of the course, will result in the registrant receiving a credit in the amount of the registration.  This credit is good for one year and can only be used for NENA Education & Training courses.

NENA Webinars: Connect with Customers & Maximize Market Coverage

Webinars are a cost-efficient marketing tool that allow you to reach buyers and present your message in an interactive environment that you control. NENA Webinars, like in-person sessions, give you a valuable forum to education emergency communications professionals - but without the hassles and expenses of travel and time away from the office.

This free webinar that explains how NENA can connect you with decision makers in the emergency communications industry. Through this presentation you will learn how:

NENA Webinars are Customizable to Meet Your Marketing Needs
  • You control the webinar’s topic, content, and speaker(s)
  • Presented live so you can interact with your prospects
  • Include polling questions to increase audience participation and collect valuable information
  • Answer audience questions either during or after the webinar
  • Available for on-demand viewing for 90 days so more prospects can hear your webinar
NENA Webinars Increase Your Visibility and Branding
  • NENA promotes your webinar via emails to emergency communication professionals responsible for purchasing decisions
  • Complete details of your webinar and your logo are placed on
  • Invite your prospects to participate in the webinar

for more information,contact Anna Marie Batt at 202-618-4402 (office) or 614-580-4911(cell).