NENA Course Catalog

The National Emergency Number Association is proud to offer a full range of one-day courses designed to meet the needs of 9-1-1 professionals, no matter what your role may be. Each course has been designed by a committee of 9-1-1 industry leaders and is updated on a continuous basis to reflect the ever changing realities of 9-1-1. 

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If you are interested in taking a course that is not currently scheduled to be offered in your area, visit our Host a Course page to find out how you can bring it directly to you. You can also contact NENA's Education & Operational Issues Director, Ty Wooten, for additional information.

The Course Categories are:

PSAP Operations

9-1-1: 101. Whatever your background, attend this course to learn the basics of 9-1-1—how it works, why it works, and what you need to know to succeed in the profession.
9-1-1 Customer Service: Takes Seconds, Saves Minutes. Learn customer service best practices to create a culture of efficiency and effectiveness in your center that improves response times.
9-1-1 Center Consolidation. This course helps PSAP managers 
and 9-1-1 officials understand the often difficult and demanding process of consolidating multiple PSAPs into a single, unified communications center.
Disaster Planning for PSAPs. This class prepares 9-1-1 professionals for natural and manmade events that can cause disruptions to PSAP systems and failures in overall PSAP operations.
Liability Issues In the 9-1-1 Center. By examining real-world court cases, this course provides practical suggestions on limiting PSAP personnel and 9-1-1 center liability. 
Quality Assurance: Achieving QA/QI in the PSAP. Closes the loop on PSAP best practices by applying QA strategies and principles to the dispatch parts of a call.
SOP Development: Refining & Enhancing Your 9-1-1 Center. Students learn the processes involved in developing and maintaining SOPs, as well as how to effectively organize them to assist staff.
Disability Awareness Training for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators
(developed by Niagara University).
This unique training provides attendees with an understanding of the challenges faced by those with disabilities when using 9-1-1, techniques to process these calls, and insight into potential impacts on dispatch and response. 
Tactical Dispatch for the Telecommunicator. The role of the dispatch-er has evolved far beyond the PSAP walls. This new course highlights the history, roles, tools, and terminology of the tactical dispatcher and explains why your agency should implement such a program. 

 Personal & Professional Development

Leadership in the 9-1-1 Center. No matter what rank or position you hold, YOU are a leader. This course provides tools, resources, and insights enabling attendees to lead themselves and their agencies to success.
Center Training Officer Program (3-day Course). Develop, mentor, and inspire your center’s most important resource: your people. This new multi-day course teaches the basics of establishing a Center Training Officer (CTO) program and how use a CTO program as the foundation of an effective PSAP. CTO software with exclusive NENA Daily Observation Report template provided by Agency360 Public Safety Software (
9-1-1 Center Supervisor Program (3-day Course). Learn 
and practice the art of supervision by utilizing a team-based, performance-centric approach that delivers immediate positive results. New supervisors will gain the skills they need to succeed in their positions, and experienced supervisors will leave with updated, refreshed skills that further their careers.
Center Manager Certification Program (5-day Course). NENA’s flagship course, the CMCP continues to offer the best value for your training time and dollar, period. Featuring a variety of activities, exercises, and learning opportunities, the CMCP offers you a career- and life-changing opportunity to learn what you need to know as a center manager or 9-1-1 leader and build the knowledge, connections, and community essential to lasting success.
You Could Have a Future Here. From the basics of supervision to education and training opportunities, planning, and time management, attendees learn the path and process to enrich their professional life far beyond what one may have assumed was possible and truly find lasting success under the headset.

Human Factors

ADA A to Z. This course introduces PSAP managers and emergency communications officials to the many facets of the Americans 
with Disabilities Act (ADA) that directly impact communications center operations.
Comm Center Staffing Workshop. This hands-on workshop instructs you on the use of the NENA Communications Center Staffing Tool, first using sample data and then using your PSAP’s actual data. Leave with a better understanding of your center’s staffing needs and the tools necessary to ensure your center is adequately staffed at all times.
Recruit, Hire, Retain, & Promote for Success. This course provides a roadmap to writing job descriptions, expanding your candidate pool, putting processes in place to make the right hiring decisions, overcoming the challenges that lead to employee turnover, and developing your highest achievers into leaders.
Overcoming Negativity. This course examines the wide-range of interpersonal issues that create an unhealthy workplace culture and provides strategies for dealing with difficult coworkers, bullies, and other problem employees.
Interpersonal Issues. This course provides you with tools to identify how verbal and nonverbal communications impact the overall wellbeing of your 9-1-1 center in order to improve the effectiveness of your agency and your own job satisfaction.

NG9-1-1: GIS, Databases & Systems

Cybersecurity in the PSAP. Attend to understand what cybersecurity means in the world of 9-1-1; discuss the most severe cyber-risks to public safety; and learn how to develop the policies and procedures necessary to prevent and mitigate the damage caused by software viruses and network intrusion attacks.
GIS & NG9-1-1 for the PSAP. Attendees explore how MSAG coordinators, database analysts, and GIS professionals work together to build and maintain the PSAP’s data needs.
PSAP Design. This course defines the process of designing a new PSAP and identifies the steps involved: From determining the need through design, bidding, construction, and move in. 
Technology for the Center Manager. This class provides a primer on 9-1-1 technology from an operations perspective, delivering education on standards, systems, networks, and processes.
Understanding Databases in NG9-1-1. Attendees of this course
are introduced to the world of NG9-1-1 systems, software, databases, and data.
What Does That Box Do? Understanding NG9-1-1 Components. Participants learn about the network elements, application-level components, databases, and human processes that make up the NG9-1-1 network, as well how these critical parts interconnect and interface to provide 9-1-1 service. 
Addressing for NG9-1-1. Location is one of the most important aspects of emergency response.  Ensuring a cohesive approach to ad-dressing by including 9-1-1, GIS, Planning & Zoning and other agencies is key.  Attendees learn how to address your jurisdiction using industry standards and best practices on a campus, rural, or urban environment. 

Center Manager Certification Program

NENA’s Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP) equips recently-hired, newly-promoted, and aspiring PSAP and 9-1-1 authority managers and supervisors with the tools needed to effectively manage their agency through a rigorous 40-hour course of lecture and lab-based education. For more seasoned 9-1-1 professionals, the CMCP fills in some of the gaps and strengthens core competencies required in emergency communications center management.    CMCP Home

9-1-1 Center Supervisor Program

This course gives new supervisors the skills they need to succeed in their positions. Experienced supervisors leave with updated, refreshed skills that further their careers. Using a combination of lecture and practical exercises, students learn the supervisor’s role in HR, tools to get organized, how to effectively make the transition from line-level to supervisor, how to build and lead a team, supervisor-specific communications, conflict resolution, performance evaluations, stress management techniques, and many other skills and tips for their toolbox.

Center Training Officer Program

In the PSAP, people are your most important resource. The NENA Center Training Officer (CTO) Program provides you with the proper framework to train your new employees, which leads to better performance and higher retention rates. The course covers proper documentation of performance, evaluation of performance, setting milestones, and developing a plan for trainee success.  CTO software with the exclusive NENA Daily Observation Report template is provided by Agency360 Public Safety Software (


NENA’s web-based training provides the public safety community with an exciting and cost-effective way to stay on top of the latest developments in 9-1-1 without having to take time away from the office. NENA offers 9-1-1 professionals access to live, interactive webinars that feature public safety leaders and industry experts. Webinars Home

 NENA Education & Training Online

NENA Education & Training  Online provides 9-1-1 professionals at all levels the opportunity to expand their knowledge about important 9-1-1 issues in a self-paced learning environment anytime, anywhere, and on just about any device.

Emergency Number Professional Certification Program

For more than two decades, NENA’s Emergency Number Professional (ENP) program has certified excellence 
in 9-1-1. The 1,300 9-1-1 professionals who hold this prestigious designation have shown a commitment to the public safety profession by meeting experience and participation benchmarks and demonstrated an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of 9-1-1 technology and operations by passing the ENP examination. ENP Home