NENA Institute Board

The NENA Institute has two objectives:

  • Support the activities of NENA and its members by raising and maintaining professional standards in the field of emergency number management.
  • Define the Body of Knowledge which indicates broad competence in the implementation and administration of emergency telecommunications services and provides a mechanism by which individuals may demonstrate to the Institute that they have acquired this knowledge and are entitled to certification.
  Andie Burton, ENP   425.774.2517
President Elect
  Chad Brothers, ENP   629.401.4569
Immediate Past President   Jennifer Estes, ENP   865.458.7046
Secretary/Treasurer   Delaine Arnold, ENP   727.312.3230
Canada Region   Fadi Dabliz, ENP   905.949.9169
Northeastern Region   Mark Fletcher, ENP   908.953.2134
North Central Region   Christopher Kindelspire, ENP   815.405.0998
Southeastern Region   Brian Godsy, ENP
Western Region   Vicki Pickett, ENP   720.898.6913
At Large   Nick LaMontia, ENP   830.792.5911
At Large   Steven Morgan, ENP   307.721.5376
EAB Representative   Eric Parry, ENP   801.833.2486
NENA CEO   Brian Fontes   202.466.4911
Executive Board Liaison   Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP   561.312.1123


NENA Institute Board Resources

NENA Development Director Bob Cobb, PhD, ENP 614.554.5450


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