Priviledges & Benefits of Affiliation

The following privileges and benefits will be available to the International Affiliate and its members:

  • The International Affiliate must modify the official NENA logo for its International Affiliate use. The logo must be personalized to meet the requirements of the International Affiliate,e.g.,the use of "9-1-1” in NENA’s logo must be changed to the emergency number sequence,e.g., 1-1-2 or 9-9-9, etc., as used in the nation of the International Affiliate; "Police Fire Medical” in NENA’s logo must be converted to a term and/or language of the nation of the International Affiliate; and the logo can be personalized with the name of the nation represented by the International Affiliate, i.e., "NENA-Mexico”. Usage of NENA’s copyrighted or trademarked materials will be subject to NENA approval pursuant to a license agreement signed by the appropriate official of the International Affiliate and the CEO of NENA.
  • The International Affiliate will be granted the right to access NENA’s documents, standards, archive of publications, and/or other information, but will not have access to general business or financial information about NENA. Any costs associated with translating the above mentioned materials are the sole responsibility of the International Affiliate.
  • The International Affiliate will receive two (2) complimentary registrations to NENA’s Annual Conference. In exchange, the International Affiliate will provide two (2) complimentary registrations to their annual meeting or conference to the Executive Board of NENA.
  • Members in good standing of the International Affiliate will be charged the NENA member rate for all education classes, conference registrations, or any other event or item that would be provided to NENA members at a discount compared to the amount charged to non- NENA members.