Conditions & Exclusions to Affiliation

The following conditions and exclusions shall apply to International Affiliates:

  • A member of an International Affiliate will not be allowed to serve as a Regional Director on the NENA Executive Board, but may run for an elected office on the NENA Board if said member is a member in good standing of NENA. Additionally, that individual must meet any and all election eligibility requirements as defined by NENA, including belonging to a qualifying membership class and holding ENP Certification.
  • NENA is the parent organization of the National Emergency Number Association and all its Chapters, and is the recognized owner of the NENA name, logo, website, publications, and any and all other materials and products.
  • Any allowances, alliances, or other International Affiliate associations are granted by NENA, under the authority of the Executive Board and through the NENA Chief Executive Officer and staff.
  • The above outlined privileges may be revoked, repealed, or recalled at the exclusive discretion of the NENA Executive Board.