Leadership in the 9-1-1 Center

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It's not the title that one attaches to their name, but the ability to effectively manage, motivate, and mediate that makes a person a leader. This course is for current or soon-to-be PSAP supervisors who wish to enhance their understanding of the tools and traits necessary for effective leadership in the communications center.

By focusing on the interpersonal elements common to the 9-1-1 center and discussing different manners of leadership, attendees will learn how to move from a transactional style of leadership to a more productive transformational style that utilizes remediation, interest-based negotiations, and re-framing tools to ensure the focus remains on people. The class also explores the benefits of knowledge of self, staff, organization, and the world. With heightened self-awareness and some new and useful techniques, attendees will return to their jobs with an increased ability to lead their team and meet their personal and professional goals.

Continuing Education Credits

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State Certifications:               New Mexico - NM170360, Idaho P.O.S.T. Course #: 602A
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Technology / NG9-1-1

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“The material was up to date and useful. One of the best Leadership classes I have taken!"
"I found this course very helpful, uplifting and informative."
"High quality classes with excellent instruction."
"Great, relevant information on the 9-1-1 industry."
"Course content was well planned and informative."
“The class seemed to have a good flow. Many good 'take a ways' from this course."

Your Instructor

Christopher Carver

Christopher Carver, ENP

Chris is NENA’s Director of PSAP/9-1-1 Operations and a 23-year veteran of public safety communications and 9-1-1. In working for NENA, Chris is responsible for a myriad of projects, efforts and activities designed to improve and enhance the ability of the 9-1-1 system and PSAPs to handle the more than 240,000,000 calls for service that occur every year.

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