Multi-Line Telephone Systems - Comments on Location Services
Section 6504 of the Middle Class Job Creation Act of 2012 required the Commission to issue a Public Notice by May 22, 2012, regarding the ability/feasibility of Multi-Line Telephone Systems ("MLTSs”) to provide precise location information for 911 callers.

Among other things, the Public Notice seeks comment on:
  • The feasibility of MLTSs to provide the precise location of a 911 caller ("E911”);
  • Costs associated with providing E911 over MLTSs;
  • Technical issues associated with providing E911 over MLTSs;
  • The feasibility of requiring all MLTSs to have E911 capability;
  • The number of firms and subscribers that would be impacted by E911 MLTS rules;
  • Whether MLTS E911 requirements should be incorporated into Part 68 as contemplated by NENA’s Model Legislation;
  • The role of the FCC in developing MLTS E911 standards.
  • NENA's "Technical Requirements Document On Model Legislation E9-1-1 for Multi-Line Telephone Systems” (NENA 06-750, Version 2).

Comments are due July 5, 2012 and Reply Comments are due August 6, 2012

The full public notice is available in PDF.