Provisioning & Maintenance of MSAG Files to VDBs and ERDBs
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Provisioning and Maintenance of MSAG Files to VDBs and ERDBs
Document Type: Standard
Number: 02-013 v3

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is poised to become the predominant technology used in the telecommunications industry. As the public adopts VoIP, E9-1-1 calls will increasingly originate from VoIP users. Some VoIP telecommunications service provider networks, however, are not natively compatible with the existing E9-1-1 infrastructure. NENA is developing a view of migratory (i2) and long-term (i3) solutions that will continue to support location-based routing of E9-1-1 calls and delivery of location-related information to PSAPs.

The migratory i2 solution (refer to NENA-08-001) makes use of a Validation Database (VDB) to ensure that civic location information representing VoIP end user locations is Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) valid, and includes an Emergency Service Zone Routing Database (ERDB) function used for real-time routing of E9-1-1 calls. The i3 solution is expected to have similar needs. The data in the VDB and ERDB are expected to be derived from the MSAG data used by conventional E9-1-1 System Service Providers (9-1-1SSP) to validate location information entered into the Automatic Location Identification (ALI) Databases.

This document provides general system and process requirements for the VDB, ERDB, and 9-1-1 Administrator to maintain the MSAG and the alternate address records required to perform their prescribed functions in the i2 architecture. This document also provides related technical and operational policy information from NENA to facilitate implementation of the i2 architecture. This document is not a complete set of requirements, but instead provides insight to industry needs. It is expected that VDB and ERDB Operators will work in conjunction with their customers and 9-1-1 Administrators to further clarify additional requirements prior to development and/or implementation for local applications.

Due to fundamental differences in the operational and regulatory frameworks found in the U.S., this document does not currently apply in Canada.


Committee Name(s): Data Management

Created: 01/19/2007

09/12/2014:   The methodology described in this document is still in use in some 9-1-1 systems, but is expected to be replaced as systems transition to newer technologies.  While still valid for the systems that use this technology, this document will no longer be reviewed or updated on an annual basis.

Provisioning & Maintenance of MSAG Files to VDBs and ERDBs