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Michael Ball

Michael is the 9-1-1 Technology Manager for the Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center in South Carolina and has ten years of experience in installing, maintaining and managing 9-1-1 network systems. Michael has extensive experience in IT, through his work in both the public and private sectors, in the United States as well as abroad.

Michael has been working in public safety, since 2002, when he was an Emergency Medical Technician in Atlanta, Georgia. He continued to work as a paramedic for various agencies, until his interest and talent in IT drew him to 9-1-1 systems management. In his current role with Charleston County, Michael is responsible for of a team of eight technical personnel, along with the management of multiple networked systems in a 38-position PSAP, with a network connected 30-position Backup PSAP.

Michael serves on the NENA Education Advisory Board and has taught Technical & Management Courses for NENA since 2008. He is also a Senior Consultant for the State of South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, providing project management for a state-wide ESInet solution. Michael owns the security service company, Wireless IT Security Service, LLC, which evaluates the wireless network security of private and small business and consults them on protection.