Mutual Aid
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Mutual Aid
Document Type: Standard
Number: NENA-STA-009.2-2015 (originally NENA 53-002)

This document is provided as an Operational Standard/Model Recommendation for the development of Mutual Aid Agreements or Memorandums of Understanding between Public Safety Communications Agencies. This document is a Model Recommendation and should be modified to meet the unique requirements of individual States and Municipalities.

The operational ability of PSAPs is critical to the safety and welfare of the public. For this reason it is imperative that all PSAPs be prepared to maintain operations through every probable disaster scenario. This preparation may require that the PSAP plan to receive and provide assistance to other agencies if the need arises. This assistance must not interfere with the ability of the agency providing assistance to continue uninterrupted daily operations.

In planning for disaster each PSAP should have an understanding of what resources are available or may be requested from other agencies. It is also important that the means of a request for assistance, the duties and scope of resources, and the manner in which compensation is provided should be agreed upon during the planning phase.

This document provides the essential elements of a Mutual Aid Agreement. All elements should be detailed to the extent required for the agencies involved and should be reviewed by legal counsel prior to implementation of such an agreement.

Committee Name(s): PSAP Operations

Created: 06/25/2005

Mutual Aid