National Address Database
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In April, 2015, NENA representatives attended a summit sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) and Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).  The Summit provided a specialized forum for generating ideas and gathering input on the feasibility and format of a shared address database for the nation.  NENA representatives provided expertise related to public safety requirements and obtained an understanding of addressing needs of others.  The objective of the summit was to answer the following four questions:

  1. Is development of an National Address Database (NAD) a good idea?
  2. Can a NAD be feasibly created?  
  3. Are there strong ideas for a technical and organizational approach?
  4. Are there clear and productive next steps that can be taken?

The summit consisted of group discussions, presentations and breakout sessions to examine the objectives in greater detail.   Some key core tenets for a NAD initiative are:

  • The database should contain information from authoritative sources, i.e., sources that are involved in the original creation and management of address data (no occupant information)
  • It should be publicly available serving both public and private interests  
  • It should not just be a listing of addresses, but it should contain the location of the address as a coordinate pair

The final report from the National Address Database Summit is now available.