NG9-1-1 ICE - NASNA Endorsement
National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators (NASNA)
Support of NENA's Industry Collaboration Events


NASNA supports the concept of an open, standards-based architecture for Next Generation 9‑1-1.A key component of such an architecture is interoperability at the local, regional, state and national levels.Implementation of this concept presents both opportunity and challenge.If implemented as envisioned, it will improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of 9-1-1 by giving customers options when purchasing NG9-1-1 systems, components and services.The challenge that needs to be addressed is the establishment and ongoing maintenance of a process and venue for vendors to test and refine the ability of their products to interoperate with products from other vendors.

NASNA supports the approach taken in other industries to address similar challenges through the execution of events that allow vendors to test the interoperability of their products with those from other vendors.These events, commonly called "PlugFests” help vendors develop and test their products in a secure, safe, lab environment.

NASNA appreciates NENA's leadership in spearheading efforts to create a similar environment through the Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) process.NASNA requests that it be represented on the ICE Steering Committee by Paul Mallett, Executive Director, Texas CSEC and be kept informed of the progress in staging events.