NENA Development Conference

NENA Development Conference - February 5-8, 2012 - Caribe Royale - Orlando, FL

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The world of emergency communications is evolving before our eyes. Next Generation 9-1-1 is transforming the way requests for service reach the PSAP, as well as how they are passed along to first responders. The rise of social media is changing the way the public expects to interact with 9-1-1. Text messaging is becoming the preferred means of communication for a whole new generation of "callers.”  New applications, devices, and services that need to integrate seamlessly into the emergency response enterprise are emerging almost daily. Keeping up with all the trends on your own can be a dizzying proposition.

At the NENA Development Conference (formerly TDC/ODC), you have the opportunity to learn, in-depth, about the latest issues facing public safety, collaborate with your peers on documents and standards that will govern the emergency communications landscape of the 21st Century, and contribute to 9-1-1’s long-term ability to overcome (and proactively prevent) the challenges ahead.

From both the technical and operations perspectives, attendees of this working conference can expect to roll up their sleeves and lend their expertise to bolster NENA’s current initiatives and identify the emerging topics that will define the association’s path forward in 2012.