NENA Document Development and Approval Process
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NENA Document Development and Approval Process 

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The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is the premier 9-1-1 public safety organization for defining operational and technical issues, recommending processes and procedures for Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) managers, administrators and practitioners, defining technical issues and providing solutions for technology service providers, equipment manufacturers and other industry-related standard-setting bodies. NENA is an industry leader in public safety and emergency communications, and is uniquely qualified to foster and develop model procedures and best practices and standards that will:

·         Establish model procedures and guidelines for PSAPs that result in improvements in overall service delivery and have a positive impact on an agency’s ability to save lives and protect property.

·         Enable compatibility among 9-1-1 technologies.

·         Provide PSAP managers and administrators with peer-reviewed and peer-developed model procedures, methods and resources for greater accountability and effectiveness in delivering emergency communications services.

·         Promote the standardization of critical components of emergency communications administration and management (i.e., policies, procedures, hiring/training).

·         Minimize costs involved in provisioning and maintaining public safety communications.

·         Increase the effectiveness of 9-1-1 call handling and emergency response.

·         Promote teamwork among industry providers of public safety products and services.

This document describes the process and procedures that apply to the NENA Development Group (NDG). These procedures have been developed to clearly define the method of developing consensus documents by the NENA Development Group to provide information, define requirements and develop NENA standards for the public safety industry.  This document and other NENA ADM documents are prepared and approved by the Development Steering Council after review by all Committee, Subcommittee and Work Group Co-Chairs, with the concurrence of the NENA Executive Board.

Use of this document will ensure that all processes and procedures are adhered to in the managing of the Development Group process. 

Adoption of the procedures contained in this document will:

·         Ensure a uniform method for developing NENA documents

·         Ensure that processes are followed that allow for issue submission and tracking

·         Ensure that appropriate documentation and follow-up procedures are adhered to

·         Allow all Development Group members to thoroughly understand the Committee process

·         Allow all Development Group leaders and members to understand their roles and responsibilities

·         Allow for a standard development process similar to other Standards Development Organizations (SDO)

Allow for a smoother referral process to other Standards Development Organizations (SDO)

Committee Name(s): Development Steering Council

Created: 03/26/2012

NENA Document Development and Approval Process