NENA Development Group Organizational Structure
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NENA Development Group Organizational Structure

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Development Group work is accomplished in various Development Committees, that are typically created to address a specific area of development consideration, and they are not necessarily directly associated with any specific Issue.

Standing Committees and Subcommittees are created to address the complex issues related to the provision and management of emergency communications services in specific topical areas.

Special Purpose/Limited Duration Development Committees may be established from time to time to address a specific Issue, or they may be established for a limited duration. 

Recommendations for amending this document (NENA-ADM-001) are made by the Development Steering Council to the Executive Board by providing an Action Item for their consideration to the NENA CEO.

Development Committees and Subcommittees may form Working Groups as needed in accordance with NENA-ADM-002. Working Groups are typically created under a Development Committee or Subcommittee to accomplish a specific objective, usually cited in a formally adopted NENA Issue, and usually within a defined period of time.


Committee Name(s): Development Steering Council

Created: 03/26/2012


NENA Development Group Organizational Structure