NG9-1-1 ICE - Industry Collaboration Events
NENA is dedicated to ensuring that the goals of NG9-1-1, both technical and non-technical, are met. NENA views a range of testing programs as a critical component to accomplishing standards based NG9-1-1. NENA understands that it is the vendors of NG9-1-1 elements that will ultimately deliver the interoperability NG9-1-1 promises. Therefore, NG9-1-1 testing events sponsored by NENA are aimed at supporting the vendors in their testing with each other. These Industry Collaboration Events (ICE) bring together vendors in an open, supportive, and collaborative, environment that foster a spirit of technical cooperation. Taking part in or success in testing at an ICE event does not confer any formal NENA certification for a vendor’s products. If the video link does not open at the top of this page, you may do directly here to view an actual event occurring.

NENA thanks the following companies for their participation in Industry Collaboration Events and welcomes any vendor involved in implementing the NENA i3 solution and NG9-1-1.

911 Datamaster   EmergiTech Oracle       
Aculab Eventide Rave Mobile Safety
Agent511 EXACOM RedSky Technologies
Assure911 Frequentis Revcord
Avaya Gallaudet University Solacom
Bandwidth GeoComm Sprint Corporation
BullBerry Systems HigherGround Stancil
Airbus DS Communications INdigital Telecom Synergem
CVDS West Public Safety TriTech Software Systems
Digital Data Technologies Inc    MicroAutomation Verint Systems
DSS microDATA (now TCS)    Versadial Solutions 
ECaTS Moducom Voice Print International (VPI)  
Emergency CallWorks  NICE Voiceriver
Emergent Communications Omnitor GridGears
MobileTec International NGA911 Network Orange


While NENA has played a central role in the creation of the ICE program, it is our intent to include all stakeholder groups and we are open to partnering with other industry organizations in the creation and implementation of this program. This is evidenced by the makeup of the NG9-1-1 ICE Steering Committee which has seats representing the vendors, government users & buyers, other industry associations, government organizations, NENA Development Group Leadership, and NENA Senior Staff. The Data Gathering & Reporting Committee is responsible for reporting test results.

The ICE Steering Committee is charged with overseeing all planning and execution of these testing events. 

 Event           Dates Held                          Location                                               
 ICE 1  NOV 3-5, 2009  Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas
 ICE 2  MAY 24-28, 2010  AT&T Center for Learning in Irving, Texas, with network support from Texas A&M  University
 ICE 3  NOV 29 -   DEC 3, 2010    Brazos Valley Council of Government (BVCOG) site in Bryan, Texas, with  network support from Texas A&M University
 ICE 4  NOV 14-18, 2011
 AT&T Center for Learning in Irving, Texas, with network support from Texas  A&M University  (Video made at event can be found here.)
 ICE 5  OCT 15-19, 2012  Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Applied Technology,
 Real-Time  Communications Lab, Wheaton, Illinois
 ICE 8  NOV 4-8, 2013  Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Applied Technology,
 Real-Time  Communications Lab, Wheaton, Illinois
 ICE 6  NOV 9-14, 2014  Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Applied Technology,
 Real-Time  Communications Lab, Wheaton, Illinois
 ICE 7  MAR 19-22, 2017  Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Applied Technology, 
 Real-Time  Communications Lab, Wheaton, Illinois
 ICE 9  FEB 22 to  MAR 5, 2021  Illinois Institute of Technology, School of Applied Technology, 
 Real-Time  Communications Lab, Wheaton, Illinois (A fully virtual event for all participating vendors.) 


Each ICE has a focus for the testing to be done. By selecting each event shown above you will find more details on the event itself and what was tested.

Government organizations and their consultants are encouraged to support this program by adding questions related to participation in the events to any RFI or RFP they develop. Boilerplate for this has been developed and is in use by multiple jurisdictions.Recently, the National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators (NASNA) has endorsed this effort and encourages all vendors to participate.

More ICE information:

ICE Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is charged with planning and executing a series of Industry Collaboration Events in support of the overall NENA NG9-1-1 Project and is governed by the  NENA NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events Governance and Process document..This body deals primarily with setting the direction and expectations for the events. It is composed of representatives of all major stakeholder groups and is empowered to create committees as it sees fit. 

  • Bill Mertka, Chair - NG9-1-1 Vendor
  • Jason Horning, Vice-Chair - NG9-1-1 User
  • Terry McLarty - NG9-1-1 Vendor
  • Michael Smith - NG9-1-1 Vendor
  • Kevin Rohrer - NG9-1-1 User
  • Erik Loberg - iCERT
  • Dave Sehnert - iCERT
  • Brandon Abley - NENA Staff
  • April Heinze - NENA Staff
  • Brooks Shannon - Chair ICE 9 Planning Committee
  • Bill Roche - Vice-Chair ICE 9 Planning Committee
  • TBD - Chair ICE 7 Planning Committee
  • Patrick Voigt - Member ICE 7 Planning Committee
  • Ray Paddock - NENA Development Steering Council
  • TBD - NENA Development Steering Council
  • Steve Leese - APCO
  • Wolfgang Kampichler - EENA
  • Karin Marquez, ENP – NENA Board of Directors Liaison
  • Delaine Arnold - NENA Committee Resource Manager


The most important topics the Steering Committee deals with include the following:

  1. What will be tested?
    1. Using i3 as a "roadmap”, how should the overall architecture be segmented for test purposes?
    2. What aspects of NG 9-1-1 are most important to test?
    3. Are the underlying standards in place to test?
    4. Do the other characteristics of the segments being focused on lend themselves to an Interoperability event?
  2. How will testing be done?
    1. Will all the vendors come together in one place at one time or will this be a virtual event?
    2. What will the test scripts look like?
    3. What information/results will be collected?
  3. What information will be released, to whom, and in what format?
    1. What information should be released?
    2. Who will have access to the results?
    3. What form/format should the results take?
  4. When will the events take place?
    1. What is the schedule?
  5. Who will participate?
    1. How will the industry be engaged?
    2. What agreements will participants need to sign?
    3. How will participants be selected?