ICE 3: Location Information
NENA held ICE 3 in Bryan, Texas the week of 11/29/2010. The focus of the event was location information which is one of the most critical data elements in the operation of NG9-1-1 for call routing. The 13 company's involved evaluated multi-vendor interaction between the following functional elements:
  • Emergency Call Routing Functions
  • Emergency Services Routing Proxies
  • Location Information Servers

The testing explored a greater detail of specification called for in the requirements in a variety of different "real world” situations focusing on location and associated uses.

The final ICE3 summary report and ICE3 results are now available.

More information:

  • Delaine Arnold – NENA Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) Testing Coordination Manager - 813.960.1698
  • Roger Hixson – NENA Technical Issues Director - 614.442.9110


ICE 3 Participants

  • Andrew, James Winterbottom, Chair
  • Avaya, John Gaffney
  • BullBerry Systems, Jason Horning
  • dash Carrier Services, Jason Shugart
  • Digital Data Technology, Marc Berryman
  • DSS, Michael Smith
  • Eventide, Mat Schwartz
  • GeoComm, John Brosowsky
  • HigherGround, Remi Rundzio
  • NICE, Diamond Chaflawee
  • RedSky Technologies, Bill Mertka, Vice Chair
  • Revcord, Guy Churchouse
  • Solacom, Gilles Ferland
  • Stancil, Simon Farrow