ICE Data Gathering and Reporting

This committee is asked to determine what data should be gathered to support the vendors and the ongoing development of standards and other aspects of NG9-1-1. Note that we are not using the term "Results” in this committee name.  Committee Chair, Devery Thumann from Motorola Solutions, provides each event's final reports. 

Guidance to this committee from the Steering Committee includes the following:
  1. Tests will be reported as Completed or Incomplete.  Tests can be incomplete for a variety of reasons so no negative connotations should be associated with an incomplete test..  Additional clarifying results may be used at the discretion of the Planning and Data Reporting committees.
  2. This event is not to be used for marketing or advertising purposes. This is a technical event. NENA will, however, be recognizing participation in the event.
  3. For feedback to the NENA Development Committees, data should be gathered to answer the following questions:
    1. Which standards are clear and complete and limit unintended or unproductive interpretation to a minimum?
    2. Which standards are too loose and allowed for excessive interpretation?
    3. Which standards are overly restrictive?
    4. Which standards are missing?
  4. Network data captured during the event is not to be used for marketing or advertising.  It is to be used to further i3 development and is subject to the ICE Code of Conduct.
  5. Electronic forms have been developed that can be used to capture the data.

After each event, feedback from all participants is gathered to improve future events.A written report covering recommendations for future events is important.