SBP Pre-Conference Courses
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Monday, January 20 | 8:30AM – 5:00PM | $199 for NENA Members

Cybersecurity Awareness in the PSAP
PSAPs around the country are facing cyber-threats almost daily. With the move to NG9-1-1, planning for and implementing cybersecurity measures is critical. In this course, you learn what cybersecurity means in the world of 9-1-1; discuss the most severe cyber-risks to public safety; and explore the policies, procedures, and protocols necessary to prevent and mitigate the damage caused by software viruses and network intrusion attacks.

Preventing Telecommunicator Tunnel Vision
In this course, you identify and discuss the problems that telecommunicators frequently experience in the performance of their duties. Whether it's in-the-moment or systemic issues, you'll get the training and resources you need to overcome the most common pitfalls of the job and perform at your very best. You’ll return home better able to identify and correct problems in order to ensure success for both you and your team.