PSAP Site Selection
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Public Safety Answering Point Site Selection Criteria
Document Type: Informational
Standard Number: NENA-INF-039.2-2018 (originally 56-506)

The typical useful life of a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the United States is between twenty (20) and fifty (50) years. As with any fixed asset whose ability to support people, organizations and their operations has diminished, the decision to replace it or upgrade it may eventually have to be made. Research has shown that building or renovating a PSAP is a major undertaking and is often a first-time experience for most executives and administrators.

It is the goal of this Operations Information Document (OID) to add to the body of knowledge related to PSAP facility planning. It is intended to support the administrator or manager charged with the responsibility of developing a plan on how best to proceed, what options are available, and to assist executives in making informed decisions about what is considered to be the most critical facility in a community’s emergency communications infrastructure.

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PSAP Operations

Created: 07/17/2007

Public Safety Answering Point Site Selection