NENA PSAP Registry - What NENA does with your PSAP information

NENA uses PSAP related data from the NENA PSAP Registry in several Public Safety supportive ways, described below:

Online PSAP Registry

This service is available ONLY to PSAPs and PSAP Administration personnel, who have pre-established user IDs and passwords. It is intended to allow a PSAP to contact another distant PSAP, typically by use of a 24x7 emergency 10 digit number at the distant PSAP. This supports cases where a PSAP receives an emergency call from an involved party that should have gone to a distant PSAP, if the primary person with an emergency had dialed 9-1-1 locally. Example: A person in Florida with an emergency situation calls a relative in Kentucky instead of calling 9-1-1 directly, and the relative dials 9-1-1, reaching their local PSAP in Kentucky. Depending on the situation, the relative’s PSAP may need to contact the distant PSAP in Florida for support in dealing with the emergency. There are various other scenarios where distant PSAP contact is useful. The free online PSAP Registry provides a means to discover how to contact other PSAPs. Added information at:

Private Safety Agencies

There are numerous businesses that provide health related or other personal safety services to their customers, and occasionally encounter true emergency situations when their customers contact the Call Center. When it is not workable to tell their customer to hang up and dial 9-1-1, these centralized Call Centers need a way to contact distant PSAPs for their customer’s location, in order to coordinate responses to perceived emergency conditions. The PSAP data is provided to these Call Centers after we have verified the business’s legitimacy, at a cost, supporting NENA’s work in maintaining and operating the PSAP Registry.

Telephone Company Operator Services

The NENA PSAP Registry data offers support for the emergency calling process by Operator Services at telephone companies, in a similar way as described for Commercial Call Centers above.

Pipeline Operator Service Support

The NPR data is the basis for PSAP contact information needed by oil and gas pipeline operators to meet federal requirements that they be able to contact local PSAPs when a pipeline spill or leak occurs.

Federal Government Uses

NENA provides contact data to DHS and other federal agencies for their use in advising and contacting PSAPs about disaster handling issues.

NENA Internal Uses

Occasionally NENA needs to contact PSAPs or PSAP administrators with notices about NENA activities of interest.


NENA also offers a PSAP contact list for 9-1-1 service providers, for use in contacting PSAPs within their established service areas for initial service establishment or ongoing service provisioning issues. This product may be used by parties who may want to mail information to PSAP administrators. This contact list does NOT contain PSAP 24x7 telephone numbers.




NENA PSAP Registry Support

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Technical Issues Director

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