NENA PSAP Registry - Getting Your PSAP Listed
When a PSAP receives an emergency call involving another jurisdiction, that emergency situation can require the contact information of a PSAP in another county or state.

In a time when accurate public safety information can shave off precious time from an emergency call situation, it is crucial that the information within the NENA PSAP Registry is current! By registering for a PSAP Registry user ID and password, and simply logging-on to the Registry, you can have access to other PSAP contact information in seconds!
The primary goal of the Registry is to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of the information that is passed among PSAPs, private call centers and other stakeholders in emergency situations. Because of the sensitive nature of the contact information that will be contained within the NENA PSAP Registry, online access to the Registry is secure and password-protected.
Because of the importance of having accurate information within the NENA PSAP Registry, please periodically verify that your PSAP contact information is correctly reflected in the Registry. After your initial registration and verification is complete, you will be able to begin using the Registry immediately!
The National PSAP Registry allows a PSAP to effectively obtain the contact information of a PSAP in another county or state when it receives an emergency call involving another jurisdiction.
  • Online access exclusively for PSAP personnel and State/County/City 9-1-1 Administrative personnel
  • Includes Primary, Secondary PSAP’s and some responding agencies
  • Personal UserID and password required for each user
  • Users authenticated by NENA staff
  • Pricing:
    • No charge for access to authorized users
  • Data Fields Utilized by Product:
    • PSAP Name
    • PSAP County
    • PSAP County FIPS Code
    • PSAP Street Location 1
    • PSAP Street Location 2
    • PSAP Community
    • PSAP State
    • PSAP Zip Code
    • PSAP Zip Code Extension
    • 24 Hour Phone #
    • 24 Hour Phone #2
    • Fax
    • PSAP Mailing Address
    • Mail Address Community
    • Mail Address State
    • Mail Address Zip Code
    • Mail Address Zip + 4
    • PSAP Contact Name
    • PSAP Contact Type
    • PSAP Contact Title
    • PSAP Contact Telephone Number
    • PSAP Contact Email Address
    • Type of PSAP
    • Wireline Type
    • Wireless Type
    • Cutover Date
    • PSAP Service Area Description
    • Last Update

Requesting A PSAP Registry User ID:

  • Send email to: including:
    • Your name
    • The PSAP name or related organizational entity you are associated with
    • Your relationship to PSAP operations (PSAP manager, County Coordinator, etc.)
    • PSAP address, city, state
    • PSAP county name
    • Contact telephone number
    • Your email address

Forgot your PSAP Registry password?

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