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Preparedness, Security, & Infrastructure


Cybersecurity Awareness in the PSAP

Attend Cybersecurity in the PSAP to understand what cybersecurity means in the 9-1-1 context; discuss the most severe cyber-risks to public safety; and learn how you can prevent and mitigate attacks.

Disaster Planning for the PSAP

Disaster Planning for PSAPs examines how your agency can prepare for, withstand, and mitigate the effects of large-scale events that can disrupt PSAP operations.

9-1-1 Center Consolidation: A Plan for Success

9-1-1 Center Consolidation helps you understand the reasons for consolidation, assess needs, determine goals, and develop a project plan to make your consolidation smooth and successful.

PSAP Design

PSAP Design educates you on your role in designing a new 9-1-1 center, from determining the need through design, bidding, construction, and move-in.