Ron Bloom Bio

Ron Bloom, ENP Bio

Ron Bloom

Public Safety & 9-1-1 Experience:

I am honored to serve on the NENA Executive Board as the Private Sector Director – a position that has afforded many unparalleled opportunities to meet with our Private Sector members and companies, discuss pivotal issues, industry initiatives and NENA’s ongoing efforts to continue to deliver valued service benefits to the membership. I am also privileged to serve as the liaison to NENA’sNext Generation Partner Program,the Industry Collaboration Steering committee, and to provide secondary support to the Development Steering Council leadership.

Did you know ... NENA’s Private Sector membership represents over 400 companies and over 1,000 members - offering a vast array of products and services to the public safety industry fueled by the development of Next Generation 9-1-1 advancements.

The Private Sector represents every facet of 9-1-1 service and is a cornerstone of NENA’s continued growth, prosperity and ongoing recognition as "The 9-1-1 Association” with stakeholders and policy-makers throughout our industry.

This recognition and the underlying delivery of effective and efficient 9-1-1 service, however, is not possible without a strong and committed partnership with the public sector – the 9-1-1 agencies that utilize those products and services … designed around NENA industry standards that are painstakingly developed across many work groups and hundreds of hours of joint public and private volunteer efforts.

My career in NENA 9-1-1 / public safety services has spanned over twenty years with career positions in the telecommunications, GIS and professional consulting services. I have recently joined Frontier Communications, a leading telecommunications provider with a customer base in twenty-three states, as the manager of the 9-1-1 team. I also am a senior Partner of PSAP Concepts & Solutions ( a professional consulting services firm actively engaged with 9-1-1 systems and agencies assisting with consolidation planning, funding, system upgrades, preparedness for Next Generation 9-1-1 and other services required in a mission critical environment. I have served on the Blue Island Emergency Telephone Systems Board since 2002.

In the emergency service communications world fueled by technology advancement and change it is the people – at every stage of the process - from ideation through service delivery and support that represent determining factors that enable the full potential of technology to be realized in the delivery of world class emergency services. As a member of our public safety community and valued member of NENA each of us plays a vital role in making that possible.