SS7 Guidelines for MSC to Selective Router Connectivity
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NENA Technical Information Document - SS7 Guidelines for MSC to Selective Router Connectivity
Document Type: Informational
Number: 05-501 v1

This document is a guide to orient the SS7 translation engineer/technician on the nature of 9-1-1 Mobile Switching Center (MSC) to SR translations. It is not in the scope of this document to explain exact details of any particular 9-1-1 SR, but to act as a way to understand the dynamics of these types of translations.

As stated earlier, this document is secondary to any network disclosure or other translation policy guides from any 9-1-1 Service System Provider. The reader of this document is encouraged to contact the 9-1-1 Service System Provider for any detailed questions on SS7 translations or policy details. The purpose of this Technical Information Document (TID) is to identify and reflect current trends, not to
catalog every SS7 translation requirement for every 9-1-1 Service System Provider. The SS7 Implementation Improvement Working Group seeks to give the reader the knowledge required to better understand and implement service, using supported interconnection methods that exist in the field today.

Committee Name(s): Interconnection & Security

Created: 10/16/2002

09/12/2014:   The methodology described in this document is still in use in some 9-1-1 systems, but is expected to be replaced as systems transition to newer technologies.  While still valid for the systems that use this technology, this document will no longer be reviewed or updated on an annual basis.

SS7 Guidelines for MSC to Selective Router Connectivity