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3 NENA Issue Process

NENA Issue Submission Form

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Creation of a NENA Issue is the means by which work is progressed in the NENA Development Committees and any associated Working Group (WG). An Issue may be thought of as similar to a project proposal, where the problem, or opportunity, and proposed resolution are defined, and a suggested timeline for completing the Issue resolution is developed.

Work corresponding to Issue resolution is tracked via the "Issue Process” defined below.

3.1 Submitting an Issue

A NENA Issue Submission Form (NENA-ADM-003) must be completed in order for any proposed work to be considered by the Development Steering Council for possible assignment to a Development Committee, and for all Issues generated by Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups that are clearly within their designated scope as described below.

When a new topic comes up within a Committee (including Subcommittees and Working Groups) that is clearly within the designated scope of the Committee, and has a logical association to the already defined deliverables of the Issue being worked, the Committee, Subcommittees or Working Group may decide to take it on as self-assigned or table it for future resolution. They do not have to wait for the next meeting to have someone officially introduce the Issue, but a new or updated Issue form must be submitted to the CRM for records purposes, when the adoption of the new topic represents a significant change in the original Issue scope. In this event, when discussion results in a consensus change in scope, or agreement to revise the Issue scope to improve or clarify the issue, a new or updated Issue form must be submitted to the CRM for records purposes. The DSC shall be so notified.

New Issues may be submitted by NENA Members, or Participants of any NENA Committee (including Working Groups and Subcommittees), either on their behalf or on behalf of the Committee. In addition, Issues may be generated as a result of an incoming External Liaison submitted to NENA from an outside source, typically a Standards Development Organization (SDO) or other Entity (for example, organization, company, government agency) or individual with a direct and material interest in the Issue.

The Issue being identified may be:
  • A totally new topic, not related to any existing Issue or ongoing NENA work activity, or
  • Associated with, or an extension of, a current Issue, or
  • Associated with, or an extension of , a previously resolved Issue, or
  • Associated with an existing NENA document, or
  • Associated with a NENA document still under development.

3.1.1 NENA Issue Acceptance Criteria

Once an Issue Submission Form (NENA-ADM-003) is submitted, the Development Steering Council must determine whether to accept the Issue based on the following criteria:
  • The subject matter is clearly defined via the NENA Issue Submission Form (NENA-ADM-003).
  • The subject matter is within the scope of the NENA Development Group
  • There is no existing solution for the problem or opportunity, or the existing solution(s) can been enhanced to gain efficiencies, (e.g. operational, policy, functionality).

3.1.2 NENA Issue Submission Steps.

The following steps shall be followed when submitting an Issue:

  • Originator completes a NENA Issue Submission Form (NENA-ADM-003) and submits the completed Issue Form to Committee Resource Manager (CRM).
    • Originator may be a Participant acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a Participating Entity.
    • Issues that require expedited handling should be brought to the attention of the DSC Co-Chairs when submitted.
  • The CRM logs the Issue submission into the NENA Issues Tracking Database and sends a link to DSC Co-Chairs, to enable them to schedule it for review by the DSC in a timely manner.
  • Upon review, the DSC accepts or rejects the Issue based on established acceptance criteria (see 3.1.1above).
  • If accepted, DSC determines which existing NDG Committee is best suited to work the Issue (the originators recommendation will be given consideration), and the applicable Development Committee Co-Chairs take responsibility for further oversight of the Issue until it is completed.
  • Upon acceptance of an Issue, notice shall be given to the NENA membership and related organizations in accordance with Section 5.1.2 below.
  • The Originator is notified of the disposition of the Issue, and if it was rejected, the reasons for rejection

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