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By becoming part of the solution, you will have the opportunity to not only help to shape 9-1-1's new direction and speed up the standards development process, but you will be on the ground floor of these changes, and among the first to learn of our new direction.This information will help you and your agency or company plan for the future, and be better prepared to serve your customers.

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Please visit one or more of the pages below to learn more about the area(s) of your interest. On each Committee's page you will find a volunteer form for each group. Complete this form and someone from the Committee will contact you. Upon joining one of these Committees you will also gain access to the NENA Workspace Collaboration site for said Committee and Working Groups. All collaboration takes place on NENA Workspace, such as document development, meeting planning by way of Group calendars, and formal balloting.

NENA's Committees

NENA Development Group Documents

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Organizational, Procedural and Process documents for the NDG. The NENA Development Group (NDG) combines the former Technical and Operations Committees into a single Development Group. The NDG was formed in 2011 to identify a more efficient development committee structure and process in recognition of the changes currently underway in the 9-1-1 industry.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NENA-ADM-000 Master Glossary Link Administration 11/13/2018
NENA ADM-001 NDG Org Structure & Op Procedures Link Administration 2/4/2020
NENA-ADM-003 Issue Submission & Charter template Link Administration 11/13/2018
NENA-ADM-009 Committee Leadership Application Link Administration 11/13/2018