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NENA has established a Wellness Committee responsible for identifying issues related to health and wellness for 911 professionals. The Committee is tasked with not only identifying the issues but improving current standards as well as creating new standards, best practices and informational documents related to the identified issues. The focus of the Committee is to provide resources to 9-1-1 industry professionals that will promote and aid in the improvement of the physical and mental well-being of 9-1-1 professionals in both the public and private sectors to include 911 support personnel.

Through working groups established from this Committee, existing NENA standards relating to this topic will be reviewed for updates and new standards may be developed . The Committee will also review materials submitted to the NENA Wellness Portal to validate evidence-based documents and data and insure it is relative to the needs of public-safety wellness within a pre-defined process to be determined.

NENA is soliciting volunteers who have an interest and a passion for this topic to serve on the Committee, as well as serve on working groups to support this initiative.



Laurie Anderson
 Charlotte County FL


 Chris Fischer
 Chris Fischer Consulting


Working Groups

Peer Support Programs allow individuals who share common problems to come together to share their experiences and provide emotional support to one another. This working group is being tasked with creating an informational document that will allow 911 authorities, managers, and supervisors to learn more about the benefits of support groups and how to implement and manage them within their own agencies locally or on a regional level. Bi-weekly calls will start on Thursday Dec 19th at 11:30 AM ET.  20190903_ISF_Peer Support Groups_CharterAppvd 20191105


This work group is tasked with updating the NENA 9-1-1 Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management Standard, published by NENA in 2013. The standard will define the occurrence of specific stress-related health risks, articulate the benefits of addressing these risks, and empower PSAPs to create comprehensive resilience programs.



The Best Practices for Mental Health Providers Working Group is looking for volunteer members. This WG seeks to increase the awareness and knowledge of mental health providers (counselors, psychologists, social workers etc) to the unique stressors and mental health challenges faced by the 911 telecommunicator community. The WG will work towards the following goals:
   * Compile valuable information regarding 911 telecommunicators, the unique environment in which they work, and the stressors that they routinely encounter through this work
   * A review of the literature relating to the prevalence of interpersonal and behavioral health concerns associated with the 911 telecommunicators.
   * The potential impact of the mental health issues faced by telecommunicators on the individual, workplace, community, friends and family. 

20191112_ISF_Best Practices for Mental Health Providers_Charter Appvd 20200219





Standards & Documents for this Committee