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NENA Wellness Continuum

Wellness Resources for the 9-1-1 Community

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The NENA Continuum initiative is a comprehensive approach to wellness in the 9-1-1 industry. It is an environment that brings together professionals, resources, standards, ideas, training, lessons learned, and innovation – all focused on a singular goal: Your personal wellness.

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  Mindset - What we think (Personal)
  Skillset - What we do (Professional)
  Culture - Who we are (Organizational)

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5 ways first responders can focus on mental health during the pandemic

Stress management and ways to be proactive during the unusual circumstances of the pandemic.


The 12 Elements of the Make it Safe Initiative

Emergency services call takers and dispatchers (CT&D) are a vital part of the first-responder family. As a first-responder, CT&Ds confront many of the same stressors as those they dispatch. However, call takers and dispatchers also confront stressors unique to working in dispatch.


ADAA Website and Materials

This website provides access to information and articles about anxiety and depression.


Protecting the mental health of first responders during a pandemic

The word “epidemic” is widely used to describe something that feels like it’s out of control. Anything that is classified as “out of control” tends to create fear.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

This website provides access to information about different types of drug abuse, science behind abuse, prevention, recovery and treatment, and other helpful data and trend information.


National Institute on Mental Health

NIMH provides access to information about many mental disorders. It breaks the information into different disorders and provides an overview, symptoms, risk factors, treatments and other beneficial information for individuals.


How to make stress your friend.

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.


The 9-1-1 Leaders’ Post Tragedy Care Checklist

This Leader’s Care Checklist is written directly to you or your designee who will oversee providing staff support when High Impact Events (HIE) happen in your agency.


A Guide for a Peer Support Program

While peer support programs may seem similar to the earlier developed self help movement, in fact they are quite different. Peer support programs focus on everyday experiences of everyday typical people.


Coping with Suicide Loss

Survivors often experience a wide range of grief reactions and wrestle with what do I do now?


Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue may occur in a wide range of persons involved in providing aid to others.


Employee Assistance Program Proposal

Prepare and submit a proposal for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), including Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) benefits for XX County Public Safety Communications Center employees and their families.


15 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep problems are a common symptom for people who are recovering from traumatic events. One’s usual methods for falling asleep may no longer work. Disturbing thoughts of reenactment, rescue orreunion may interfere with one’s sleep cycle.


First Responder Resiliency

The stress of working in EMS can be combatted by improving resiliency. Evidence based program improves & sustains first-responder behavioral health.


Crisis Resources for Emergency Responders Waukesha

This is a sample resource to help others create a list of contacts that may be needed in a crisis situation or scenario where they may need to engage other resources to help care for those on the team.


Anger at Work

While anger is a normal human emotion it must be properly managed and expressed in the workplace.


Suicide Prevention Tool Kit

Emergency Responder Tool Kit presenting information for identifying possible suicide risk, determining if an individual may be at risk, and intervening to safely help the individual. Applies to potentially suicidal persons encountered during the line of duty or colleagues.


Sleep Problems Handout

Sleep problem areas and possible solutions to consider. Short, one-page handout to self-assess sleep issues such as difficulty getting to sleep, waking up in the night, disturbing dreams and waking to early. Each problem area has possible solutions to consider. Quick and to the point.


Diet for a 12-Hour Shift

Working 12-hour shifts can make meal planning difficult. When you know the best foods to pack for a 12-hour shift, however, you can come to work prepared- at least from a nutritional standpoint. Although you can’t predict where your shift will take you, you can control which foods you put in your body. Livestrong provides a quick and easy 12-Hour Shift Eating Plan for you to try and see what it does for your energy level


Stress Management Services for Emergency Services Professionals

The King County Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program was developed by Public Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services. The momentum grew from a recognition that traditional crisis intervention models were not utilized by emergency responders. This document identifies CISM Program philosophy and strategies and discusses concerns of the CISM movement.


Heart Rate

Descriptive flow chart detailing the effects of hormonal or fear induced heart rate.


Grief and Loss

Tips and strategies for surviving grief/loss. Tips or an individual or friends and family who are offering support, including the typical stages of grief.


Chair Yoga

Desk position and tension often impact us more than we are aware. This document provides five steps to mindful movement and daily care to help decrease tension and stress levels.


Crisis Intervention

An outline or review, defining Crisis Intervention and Critical Incident Stress Management.


All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes by Andy Puddicombe

This short TedTalk addresses slowing down and the benefits of meditation practice allowing you to get a sense of focus and calm in life.


How to gain control of your free time by Laura Vanderkam

This short TedTalk addresses time, priorities, and how to gain control of the activities in your life and build the life you want.


NENA Wellness Continuum Apps

This document provides a list of wellness apps that support personal wellness through a focus in various areas. If you find an awesome resource or use an app that you find beneficial, please share it by submitting the resource via the resource submission tab.


Emergency Responder Exhaustion Syndrome (ERES)

A perspective on stress, coping and treatment in the emergency responder milieu.

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Wellness Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
How to gain control of your free time by Laura Van Link  more ] Administration 6/2/2020
All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes by Andy Puddico Link  more ] Administration 6/2/2020
Heart Rate PDF (48.2 KB)  more ] Administration 6/2/2020
12-hour shift Diet Link  more ] Administration 6/2/2020
EMERGENCY RESPONDER SUICIDE PREVENTION TOOL KIT by PDF (522.66 KB)  more ] Administration 5/18/2020
911 Certified Peer Support Team, Waukesha County C PDF (158.66 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
First Responder Resiliency PDF (2.09 MB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Critical Incident / Traumatic Events Information PDF (979.58 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Rebecca Brachman: A new class of drug  Link  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
15 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep PDF (131.13 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Employee Assistance Program submit Proposal DOC (313 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Compassion Fatigue PDF (383.35 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Coping with Suicide Loss PDF (270.62 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
A Guide for a Peer Support Program PDF (340.99 KB)  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Martin Seligman 'Flourishing - A new understanding Link  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
Kelly McGonigal – How to make stress your friend Link  more ] Administration 5/18/2020