Wireless Phase I/II Planning & Implementation
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Wireless Phase I/II Planning and Implementation Checklist
Document Type: Informational
Number: 57-502

This document is intended to act as a best practice for the deployment of wireless E-911 Phase I and Phase II. As such, its primary goal is to set expectations and improve communications among the many parties involved in the deployment process. Many early deployments were delayed by the lack of an understood process. The lines of communications are extremely important during the deployment of Phase I and II service.

The Wireless E-911 deployment process requires a large amount of coordination and collaboration to be successful. Expectations need to be set and managed throughout the deployment process to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary delays. A systematic approach to deployment as laid out in this document will help avoid problems and speed deployment since all stakeholders will know their roles. This document covers that following steps of the deployment process:

  • Deciding whether or when to proceed with Phase I or Phase II deployment
  • The initial contact with the 9-1-1 service provider
  • Proper notifications that need to be made
  • Organizing the initial planning meeting
  • Completing the call routing data sheets and addressing database issues
  • Establishing an ALI delivery standard
  • Establishing a GIS system
  • Testing the initial deployment of the system
  • Post deployment issues

Committee Name(s): Next Generation Integration - NGI

Created: 05/24/2004



Wireless Phase I/II Planning & Implementation

Phase I 9-1-1 Service Agreement
Phase II 9-1-1 Service Agreement