Resolving ANI/ALI Discrepancies & NRFs
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Reporting and Resolving ANI/ALI Discrepancies and No Records
Document Type: Standard
Number: 02-015 v1

This NENA document sets forth standards for PSAP jurisdictions, Access Infrastructure Providers (AIP), Service Providers and Data Base Management System Providers (DBMSPs) in reporting and resolving discrepancies that occurred during a 9-1-1 call. These processes are meant to standardize ANI/ALI Trouble and "No Record Found” reporting to facilitate their timely resolution. An ANI/ALI Trouble is defined as a wrong ANI, no ANI or an ALI Discrepancy, which includes "No Record Found”. This document takes into account all the technologies available for 9-1-1 calls to date. Due to the various ways these technologies deliver 9-1-1 calls to PSAPs, there are various timelines for resolution of discrepancies.

Committee Name(s): Data Management

Created: 06/06/2009


Resolving ANI/ALI Discrepancies & NRFs