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Brian Tegtmeyer

Brian Tegtmeyer, ENP

Brian is the Executive Director at DuPage Public Safety Communications (DU-COMM) and has worked in public safety communications for more than 21 years. In his current position, Brian runs a consolidated 9-1-1 center in the second-largest county in Illinois, serving over 44 police and fire agencies, and more than 800,000 citizens. - read more

Chris Lienhardt

Christopher A. Lienhardt, ENP

Chris is the Executive Director of the Regional Emergency Dispatch (R.E.D.) Center in Northbrook, Illinois and has been involved in public safety for 28 years. Formerly a Deputy Fire Chief, Chris has taught, and worked with, generations of public safety officials, and he has brought his passion for teaching with him to NENA. - read more

Christopher Carver

Christopher Carver, ENP

Chris is NENA’s Director of PSAP/9-1-1 Operations and a 23-year veteran of public safety communications and 9-1-1. In working for NENA, Chris is responsible for a myriad of projects, efforts and activities designed to improve and enhance the ability of the 9-1-1 system and PSAPs to handle the more than 240,000,000 calls for service that occur every year. - read more

Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards

Daniel is a Police Captain and 25-year veteran of the Durham Police Department. Having led and trained a large number of officers and citizens, both as a Police Captain and as a certified Executive Life Coach, Daniel brings with him a passion for helping individuals achieve their personal and professional bests to NENA. - read more

Dave Whalen

Dave Whalen

David Whalen is the founder of Disability Awareness Training (DAT) and has spent nearly 15 years training and educating law enforcement, emergency responders, human service providers and other professionals in the key areas of disabilities as well as presenting to more than 500 audiences. - read more

Jan Lorant

Jan Lorant

Jan is a Principal and Owner of Gabor Lorant Architects Inc. (GLA) and has been involved in the design and planning of public safety buildings for more than 30 years. His past work has included 9-1-1 dispatch centers, administrative and training facilities for police and fire departments, public safety answering points as well as higher education facilities. - read more

Jennifer Kirkland

Jennifer Kirkland, ENP

Jennifer is the 9-1-1 Operations Administrator for the Vail Public Safety Communications Center in Vail, Colorado and has worked in public safety dispatch for more than 16 years. Servicing over 50,000 citizens, Jennifer is responsible for the operations required for all emergent and non‐emergent call handling for twelve police, fire and EMS agencies throughout Eagle County. - read more

Jim Lake

Jim Lake, ENP

Jim is the Director of the Consolidated 9-1-1 Center for Charleston County and has worked in public safety for nearly 40 years. In his current position, Jim heads the 9-1-1 center in the third-largest county in South Carolina, servicing more than 350,000 citizens. - read more

John Ferraro

John Ferraro, ENP

John is the Executive Director of Northwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS) in Arlington Heights, Illinois and has been an active member of the public safety community for the last 25 years. In his current position, John oversees a 9-1-1 PSAP that handles police, fire, and EMS dispatch for 11 suburban communities of Chicago and services about 500,000 citizens. - read more

John H Kelly

John H. Kelly, ENP

John is a shareholder in the law firm of Ottosen Britz Kelly Cooper Gilbert & Dinolfo, Ltd. and has been practicing personnel law for 35 years. John’s practice focuses on employment and labor issues, and he currently serves NENA, both as General Counsel for the Association and as an attorney for its Illinois Chapter. - read more

Keri Brennan

Keri Brennan, GISP

Keri is a Product Manager for Michael Baker International (MBI) and has worked in the field of GIS for the past 25 years. Her primary duties involve collaborating with MBI’s clients and development team in order to implement NG911 GIS solutions for local governments. - read more

Kevin Diluia

Kevin Diluia, ENP

Kevin is the Deputy Director of Operations for the Northwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS) in Arlington Heights, Illinois and a 9-1-1 professional of over 23 years. - read more

Leslie Whitham

Leslie Whitham, ENP

Leslie is a Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor for the Chino Police Department in Chino, California and has worked in the public safety field for more than 25 years. A longtime supervisor and instructor, Leslie brings a commitment to teaching and a belief in the importance of comradery amongst 9-1-1 professionals with her to NENA. - read more


Lisa Fulton, ENP

Lisa Fulton (ENP) is the former Manager of the Metropolitan Nashville Department of Emergency Communications (MNDEC) and has worked in emergency communications, broadly speaking, for 25 years. Currently, Lisa manages the development of NENA’s online content, including the Webinar Wednesday program, and is the instructor for several courses on industry best practices. - read more

Louisa Lake

Louisa Lake, ENP

Louisa is a Public Safety Consultant for Mission Critical Partners, LLC (MCP) and has worked in public safety communications for more than 28 years. For the last five years, Louisa has been coordinating MCP’s ENP Study Group, a program that has helped over 500 Emergency Communications Specialists prepare for NENA’s ENP certification. - read more

Marc Berryman

Marc Berryman, ENP

Marc Berryman (ENP) is a Senior Project Manager for Mission Critical Partners (MCP) and has a 22-year background in GIS, working for both public- and private-sector businesses. With over 12 years of 9-1-1 operational experience, Marc brings with him an ability to deliver, in an easy-to-understand way, the complex subjects involved in GIS to NENA. - read more

Michael Ball

Michael Ball, ENP

Michael is the 9-1-1 Technology Manager for the Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center in South Carolina and has ten years of experience in installing, maintaining and managing 9-1-1 network systems. Michael has extensive experience in IT, through his work in both the public and private sectors, in the United States as well as abroad. - read more

Michelle Kerr

Michelle Kerr

Michelle Kerr is the former 9-1-1 Deputy Director for the Erie County Central Police Services in New York and a 38-year veteran of public safety communications. At present, she is a Master Trainer for Niagara University where she presents disability awareness training to 9-1-1 telecommunicators. - read more

Ty Wooten

Ty Wooten, ENP

Ty is NENA’s Director of Education and has been working in the public safety arena for nearly 25 years. In working for NENA, Ty oversees the development and delivery of the organization’s educational offerings, which are accessible to NENA members and the entire 9-1-1 industry. - read more