Development Group Administrative Committee

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This committee will provide recommendations to the DSC focusing on increasing WG efficiency  and document development process.  


Mike Vislocky
Network Orange


Cheryl Benjamin


Working Groups 

  • Document Management (Acting Chair: Lisa Dodson)  
    The Document Management Working Group is responsible for maintaining NENA documents by the NENA Development Group committees and working groups. The Group reviews administrative documents and recommends corrections and updates for approval by the Development Steering Council. The Working Group is likely to meet weekly for one hour when documents are being reviewed and updated. Please consider joining this group if you are interested in improving the documents govern our processes and the documents that our Working Groups use to prepare NENA publications. We need people with any of these interests: Word Processing, Management Processes, ANSI Requirements, and NENA Development Group leadership background.


  • References (Acting Chair: Mike Vislocky)  
    The References Working Group is responsible for maintaining NENA reference material generated by the NENA Development Group for the general public. This WG is not expected to have regular, scheduled meetings. Training will be conducted as required.

•  Review new glossary terms and definitions (for Master Glossary and NENAWiki)
•  Maintain ADM-000 Master Glossary and NENAWiki.
•  Manage FAQs & other Reference Material including Use Case Library


Standards & Documents for this Committee