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Jim Lake, ENP

Jim Lake, ENP is the Director of the Consolidated 9-1-1 Center for Charleston County, SC and has worked in public safety for nearly 40 years. In his current position, Jim heads the 9-1-1 center in the third-largest county in South Carolina, serving more than 350,000 citizens.

Before entering 9-1-1 operations, Jim served as a police officer and a volunteer firefighter/EMT. For the last 20 years, he has been working in the PSAP arena, first as a Telecommunicator, then as an Instructor, Supervisor, Manager, and finally Director. Jim currently manages a staff of 155 Telecommunicators, supervisors, technical, and support personnel, in addition to his work in 9-1-1 consulting and management of statewide training and public education programs.

By Governor's appointment, Jim serves as the Chairman of the South Carolina State 9-1-1 Advisory Committee. He has also developed several courses on leadership and management that are taught at the national level. Jim sits on the Executive Leadership Team of the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation, which works to overcome the challenges faced by federal, tribal, state, and local public safety agencies.