NENA 2018 Keynote Speakers
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Mon, 06.18 | 9:15AM – 11:00AM

The Water Coolers

Award-winning song and sketch troupe delivering tools to overcome the daily challenges of modern life

Getting to Great Performance

Do you ever feel like you've got all your eggs in one basket, six balls in the air, two kids waiting to be picked up from soccer practice, and 7,000 emails to return? Well gather 'round. The Water Coolers deliver a high powered, laugh-out-loud combination of sketch comedy and music about what we go through just making each day happen – life, work, kids, husbands, wives, travel, technology – and trying to balance them it all. Think Seinfeld set to music. Using their unique mix of music and comedy combined with real-world practical tips, their hilarious keynote, "Getting to Great Performance" has been described as engaging, motivational, amazing, relevant, on point, unforgettable, and brilliant by audience members.

Tue, 06.19 | 8:00AM – 9:15AM

Bonnie St. John

Paralympic ski medalist, Fortune 500 business consultant, Rhodes Scholar, former White House official, and best-selling author

High-Performance Resilience

Hailed as “One of the five most inspiring women in America” by NBC Nightly News, Bonnie St. John challenges audiences to question their own limitations and provides research-based tools and techniques that re-energize their lives to achieve peak performance. Her remarkable success in the face of physical adversity taught her that the key to winning is not just bouncing back from obstacles, but doing so faster and more efficiently. Bonnie’s dynamic messages guide audiences to find their individual paths to higher performance, greater productivity, and overall success. Participants leave Bonnie’s spirited presentations with techniques that enhance their capacity to offset the negative effects of stress, increase resilience, challenge their comfort zones… and win.

Wed, 06.20 | 12:30PM – 2:45PM

Jeff Henderson

Inspiring celebrity chef, star of Flip My Food With Chef Jeff, and author of If You Can See It, You Can Be It

If You Can See It, You Can Be It

From humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles, to life as an inmate, and then as an award-winning celebrity chef and best-selling author, Jeff is a role model for anyone who needs the encouragement to reinvent their life. Since he discovered his passion for cooking in the unlikeliest of places – prison – Jeff has completely turned his life around and is now a powerful voice for self-transformation. From overcoming hardship to identifying one’s personal talents, Jeff reveals his transformative life lessons and the secrets to rising above and realizing your potential. His dynamic and engaging presentation helps audience members discover their hidden aptitudes, make life-changing decisions, and gain a new foothold on the ladder to success.