NENA 2018 Workshops
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Thursday, June 21 | 8:00AM – 1:00PM

Drones & Public Safety
In the event of an emergency, drones are an important tool for first responders. Drones provide an aerial perspective on emergencies that was previously expensive, dangerous, or simply impossible to obtain, and public safety agencies have expressed a clear need for more guidance and training to begin putting this new technology to work. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and Fly-Robotics have partnered to provide UAS4PublicSafety, an introductory small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) course. This workshop includes an overview of the course, and covers: UAS Uses for Public Safety, UAS Systems Overview, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 Certification requirements.

ENP Exam Prep Boot Camp
Those who have been there will tell you: Preparing for the Emergency Number Professional Certification exam is no simple task. But they'll also tell you that taking part in a study group is one of the best ways to ensure you're ready! This workshop starts off with an overview of ENP application and exam scheduling processes before jumping into a cram session to begin getting you ready to ace the test!  

You will leave the workshop better prepared for the ENP exam and with an increased general knowledge of the main ENP exam topic areas, including telephone, radio, PSAP infrastructure, NG9-1-1 human resource issues, and more. We'll also keep it fun and lively by playing a few rounds of "ENP Jeopardy!" and provide you with learning techniques you can use when you return home to maximize the effectiveness of your study time and improve your information retention levels.

High Performance CPR
This workshop provides EMDs, ED-Qs, supervisors, and engaged managers an appreciation for their critical role in Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival by relating the basic "why" (research and physiology) to the "how" (MPDS v13.1) of high performance CPR in dispatch. Attendees learn about critical thinking and situational awareness and explore some potential impact areas of the MPDS that many agencies are not taking advantage of. The concepts of quality improvement versus basic auditing and EMD performance versus EMD compliance are also explored.