NENA 2019 Breakouts
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With more than ninety hours of breakouts led by respected national leaders in the public safety, technology, and policy arenas, each session delivers critical education on the issues affecting you on a daily basis, as well as the tools for career advancement. Full descriptions coming soon!

Sun, 06.16
2:30PM – 3:45PM
  • It Can Happen to You: The Story of a Cyberattack on a Small PSAP
  • Beyond Location: Embracing the Internet of Things & Emerging Technologies
  • CAD Implementation Best Practices
  • Surviving PTSD: Saving Lives on Both Sides of the Headset
  • 9-1-1 Customer Service: Takes Seconds, Saves Minutes
  • Unpacking GIS for NG9-1-1
4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Hidden Bias: Cultural Diversity & the Telecommunicator
  • Minimum Standards for PSAPs in an NG9-1-1 World
  • A Guide to NG9-1-1 Planning & Implementation
  • Rome Wasn't Built in a Day & NG9-1-1 Won’t be Either
  • Strategies for Improving Employee Engagement
  • Envisioning the Future of Your PSAP
  • NFPA 3000: The Active-Shooter Standard
Mon, 06.17
1:30PM – 2:30PM
  • FCC Update
  • NENA Standards: An Operations Primer
  • Revamping Community Outreach Using Today's Technology
  • Consolidation: Not a Four-Letter Word
  • Creating Training Plans That Work 
  • The Latest in ESINet Architecture, Technology, & Interoperability
  • Steering Your Stakeholders: Building Consensus
  • Prepare for Disasters Using Cloud Technology & Virtual TERT
  • Coping When 9-1-1 Needs Help
  • Retaining Your PSAP’s Best Employees
  • Leading Up: How to Influence Your Boss
  • Leadership for 9-1-1: Navigating to the Future
  • Within the Trenches Presents: Imagine Listening & Open Mic 
4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Regional 9-1-1 Outages: Lessons Learned
  • Moving 9-1-1 to the Next Generation & Beyond
  • Developing Career Longevity in Public Safety
  • Listening Skills: Hearing & Perceiving Beyond What's Spoken
  • Using Workforce Management to Meet the Call-Answering Standard
  • Vendor Management 101
  • Mastery Not Minions: Successful Training Delivery
  • Telling & Sharing 9-1-1’s Story Effectively
  • Incorporating Big-Data Analytics Into 9-1-1
  • Saving Careers & Lives Through Peer Support 
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Build a Better You 
  • Eliminating Complacency: There's No Such Thing as Routine
  • NG9-1-1 & Drones: Standardization Challenges
Tue, 06.18
8:45AM – 9:45AM
  • Improving Service to Callers With Disabilities
  • CPR LifeLinks: Uniting EMS & 9-1-1 to Save Lives
  • Creating a Multi-County NG9-1-1 Network
  • Moving Forward Together: DoD & NG9-1-1
  • The Changing Role of the Telecommunicator in NG9-1-1
  • It's All in the Details: Developing & Maintaining GIS Data Long Term
  • Embracing What’s Possible: Training Your Telecommunicators for New Data Sources
  • The Seven Skills PSAPs Need to Hire for
  • Failing Center or Failing Boss? A Self-Assessment Checklist
  • Facilitating Change & Growth in the 9-1-1 Center
  • Defusing Comm-Center Conflict
  • Generation Z: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!
  • When FirstNet, Streaming Media, & Data Sharing Converge
10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Achieving Meaningful Access to Emergency Communications
  • PSAP & Railroad Interactions: Understanding the Basics
  • Nationally-Uniform Data: Improving the 9-1-1 Data Set 
  • Don’t Let a Toxic Dispatch Environment Kill Your Motivation
  • NG9-1-1: Is It Just Technology?
  • Keeping Address Points & Other GIS Data NG-Ready 
  • Litigation & Defining the Standard of Care
  • It's About Time: Effective Fire & EMS Dispatch
  • Lessons Learned From NG9-1-1 & FirstNet Integration Testing
  • Serving Cybercrime Victims
  • Conquer Stress for Enhanced Productivity & Communication
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Helping Veterans in Crisis
11:15AM – 12:15PM
  • Making the Transition to Real-Time Text
  • How Supplemental Data Saves Lives
  • Legislative Strategies for Training & Protocol Laws
  • Understanding End-to-End Cybersecurity in an i3 Environment
  • Mind the Gap: The Basics of PSAP-Boundary Development
  • Partners in Your Profession: NENA & the Telecommunicator
  • Value Everyone: Servant Leadership in the PSAP
  • NG9-1-1 Migration Resources: Are You Ready? 
  • Communicate Effectively During Crisis & Conflict 
  • Therapy Animals: Helping 9-1-1 One Paw at a Time
  • Protecting the 9-1-1 Professional's Family Life
  • Learning Forward: The Marshall County High-School Shooting
3:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Beyond Kari's Law: MLTS Location Delivery & PSAP Community Engagement 
  • Creating Positive Outcomes: Gaining the Cooperation of Callers in Crisis
  • Positive Psychology: A Path to Progress 
  • Understanding NG9-1-1 Basics: Systems & Databases
  • Surviving Hurricanes & Other Natural Disasters
  • Reclassification: Challenges, Opportunities, & Next Steps 
  • Innovating for 9-1-1 & Public Safety
  • Surviving Professional Growing Pains
  • School-District Partnerships for Better Planning & Response
  • Empowering the Wonder Women of Public Safety
  • The Resilient Dispatcher: How to Thrive in Your 9-1-1 Center
  • Improving Security Through Collaboration: DHS & 9-1-1
  • A Quantum Leap for 9-1-1: The Vertical Plane & Handset-Derived Location