PSAP Registry
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The NENA Enhanced PSAP Registry, developed in conjunction with Geo-Comm, is the overall name for a NENA database that contains information on PSAPs throughout the USA, and may expand to Canada in the future. This central database will continue to fulfill the PSAP Registry's original purpose of supporting PSAP personnel to locate and contact other PSAPs during critical call transfer situations.

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NENA’s database has the objective to facilitate communication between public safety stakeholders. The PSAP database supports the following services:

In order to accomplish the best accuracy for all users, the NENA PSAP Registry also supports Public Safety Authorities with update permission to propose changes to the PSAP data in the Registry, through an online portal. Users are encouraged to inspect each PSAP’s information periodically and indicate changes as needed. The person that can make these updates is the County Contact listed in the database records. This requires NPR Administrator permission level, and is discussed in the FAQ document (link above). If you need help with this, please contact Fran Sloan, NENA staff, at 740-756-4154 or

Available Database Products (We do not provide PSAP Registry data products for marketing purposes)
  • Call Centers Manual Routing Data is for use by validated call centers needing to directly connect their callers with identified emergency needs to a PSAP associated with the caller’s location.
    (Examples: senior citizen services, telephone company Operator Services groups, health support and other organizations who may receive calls that result in identified emergencies from customers in other geographic areas.)
  • PSAP Contacts Listing was developed for 9-1-1 service providers to have the information needed to contact PSAPs within their established service areas for initial service establishment or ongoing service provisioning issues.

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