NENA Request for Proposal Considerations Information Document
Full Name:
 NENA Request for Proposal Considerations Information Document

Document Type:          Information 
Number: NENA-INF-021.1-2020


This document is intended for 9 1 1 Authorities that have made the decision to issue an RFP for the purpose of procuring all or part of a Next Generation 9 1 1 (NG 9 1 1) System. This document recommends a structure and content to guide a project team that has been given the charter to develop an RFP. It anticipates that other work has been done and decisions have been made that support the development of the RFP. Implementation of this document will assist 9 1 1 Authorities in developing an RFP to procure elements of an NG 9 1 1 system, including PSAP Functional Elements, NG 9 1 1 Core Services, Geographic Information System (GIS) Data and Services, and Management Information System (MIS) Data Collection and Reporting.


Committee Name(s): PSAP Operations

Created: 01/19/2020


RFP Considerations