NG9-1-1 Standards & Best Practices Conference | Jan 15-18 | Embassy Suites LBV South | Orlando

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Learn, Collaborate, & Contribute!

Consider a world where 9-1-1 calls automatically reroute in the event of a PSAP failure or overload… where additional data associated with the call describes, in an instant, the source and type of the call… where dynamic queue analytics identify areas of high calling and sort likely duplicate calls to the bottom of the answering queue… where the ability exists to pass along video and audio from the scene to responders effortlessly… where a fully-redundant “system of systems” links PSAPs and all 9-1-1 calls are answered in a timely manner by a trained dispatcher—no matter what the condition or emergency... This is the world of Next Generation 9-1-1.

At NENA’s NG9-1-1 Standards & Best Practices Conference, you will gain an understanding of the world that is made possible by Next Generation 9-1-1 and help make it so.

SBP is a conference unlike any other. It is an interactive, informative, attendee-driven event where you not only learn about the standards that are spurring the development and implementation of NG9-1-1 technology and operations best practices, but also create the guidelines, resources, and documents that enable NG services, systems, and PSAPs to reach their full potential.

With early adopters just now beginning to scratch the surface of the benefits that NG9-1-1 offers, there is still much work to do and many questions to be answered. Whether you work in PSAP or for an industry partner, everyone in 9-1-1 has a significant role to play in defining 9-1-1’s path forward and ensuring the success of NG9-1-1. Join us in Orlando and be part of the solution!

With your peers from across the 9-1-1 universe, you’ll discuss and work to address the most pressing NG-related issues, including: GIS and NG-data needs; location services and accuracy; interoperability; governance and funding; telecommunicator SOPs; procurement and transition planning; security and resiliency; apps and the Internet of Things; multimedia messaging and accessibility; hiring and training; and the evolution of 9-1-1 center supervision and management.

No other event provides you with the opportunity to shape the future of 9-1-1 and impact public safety for decades to come! Don’t miss your chance to be part of it!

2018 Schedule at a Glance

Mon, Jan 15
8:00AM – 2:00PM | Registration (West Registration Desk)
8:30AM – 5:00PM | Pre-Con Course: Change Management in 9-1-1 (Cypress 2)
6:00PM – 7:30PM | Welcome Reception (Key West Terrace)

Tue, Jan 16
7:30AM – 5:00PM | Registration (West Registration Desk)
8:30AM – 10:00AM | Opening Session (Palms C&D)
10:15AM – 12:00PM | Breakout Sessions
12:00PM – 1:10PM | Lunch on your own
1:15PM – 5:30PM | Breakout Sessions

Wed, Jan 17
7:30AM – 12:00PM | Registration (West Registration Desk)
8:00AM – 12:00PM | Breakout Sessions
12:00PM – 1:10PM | Lunch on your own
1:15PM – 5:30PM | Breakout Sessions
7:00PM - 8:30PM | Evening Roundtable Session (Palms C&D)

Thu, Jan 18
8:00AM – 11:45AM | Breakout Sessions
12:00PM - 1:30PM | Networking Lunch (Palms C&D)
1:45PM - 4:00PM | Breakout Sessions
4:00PM | Conference Adjourns

2018 Registration Rates

(Thru 12.01)
(Thru 01.14)
Member $299 $349 $399
Member ENP $249 $299 $349
Non-Member $399  $449 $499
Pre-Con Couse
$199 $199 $199
Pre-Con Course
$275 $275 $275


NENA’s Standards & Best Practices Conference is an interactive, informative, attendee-driven event where participants learn how they can bring standards-based NG9-1-1 to life and have the opportunity to work on the documents and resources that ensure NG products, services, systems, and PSAPs reach their full potential. Your sponsorship of this event ensures visibility with public safety’s most dedicated and forward-thinking audience. A limited number of presentation opportunities are also available. Contact Anna Marie Batt for details.