Women in 9-1-1 Alliance
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What Is WIN?
NENA's Women in 9-1-1 (WIN) Alliance empowers women in 9-1-1 through leadership development, education, networking, and mentoring opportunities. WIN helps women in 9-1-1 to reach their full potential by providing resources including FREE quarterly webinars and meet ups at NENA events (when possible). WIN's Objectives are to:

  • Help members build confidence, knowledge, and leadership skills;
  • Drive diversity in NENA and the 9-1-1 profession;
  • Provide mentoring and training opportunities;
  • Promote achievements of women in 9-1-1;
  • Serve as a venue to share experiences and insights; and
  • Develop a network of women and allies that harnesses the power of community to achieve shared goals.

Become Part of WIN
WIN welcomes all NENA members, regardless of gender identity! There is no additional cost to join the WIN community or participate in WIN activities.

If you aren't already a NENA member, click here to join the association and receive access to WIN's exclusive members-only features, like the Community Group and the Mentor Center.

Join the WIN Community Group
NENA members can join the WIN Community Group to network with other 9-1-1 professionals and stay informed about WIN's upcoming activities. To join the group, sign in to your NENA member account and then head over WIN group page (don't forget to click "Join Group" at the upper right-hand corner) to find the latest announcements or start discussions with your fellow WIN members!

Get Social!
Use the hashtag #WomenIN911 when sharing WIN info or having discussions on your social-media networks of choice.

Quarterly WIN Webinars
The WIN webinar series helps women advance in 9-1-1 through leadership development and education.

On-demand webinars:

Upcoming WIN webinar dates:

  • Thursday, September 10, 2020 | 1PM Eastern
  • Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 1PM Eastern

Mentoring Opportunities
The WIN Mentor Program is now available to all NENA members! The NENA Mentor Center now includes WIN customizations, easier navigation, and a refreshed look.

To participate, simply decide whether you would like to participate as a mentor, a mentee, or both, and then proceed with setting up your user profile at nena.org/mentor. Serving as a mentor or becoming a mentee can help you direct your future, expand your professional network, gain knowledge and perspective on the workplace, and deliver tremendous personal satisfaction.

Click here for directions and screenshots that provide additional information on how to join the WIN Mentor Program.

WIN Committee Members
Co-Chairs: Monica Million, ENP | Chandy Ghosh
Advisor: Mary Boyd, ENP
Secretary: Tina Metivier
Mentoring: Jennifer White, ENP
Scholarships: Sara Weston, ENP
Events: Sherri Griffith Powell, ENP
Volunteers: Casey Miller (with Courtney Doberstein, ENP | Katy Myers, ENP | Sandy Dyre, ENP)
Membership: Toni Dunne, ENP
Sponsorship: Anna Marie Batt & Laura Tucker
Marketing, Website, and Promotions: Sonya Lopez-Clauson, ENP

Email win@nena.org with any questions, comments, or suggestions.