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ENP Exam Practice Test

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Purchaser will be provided with online practice test instructions and access code via email address provided. Codes will be issued during business hours, Monday - Friday.

Sitting for any examination is sometimes equivalent to going to the dentist.  Recognizing that, the NENA Institute Board has collaborated with Professional Testing Corporation , who administers the ENP Examination, to offer a 50-question practice test intended to familiarize those about to take the ENP examination with an electronic test-taking experience. 

The practice test is weighted in much the same manner as the full ENP Examination.  At the completion of the practice test, a score will be given, but it should not necessarily be interpreted as an indicator of the likelihood of attaining a passing score.

The intent is to experience electronic test-taking in the same format as the ENP Examination, and to answer questions weighted similarly to the Operations and Management portions of the ENP Examination as found in the Body of Knowledge.

The practice test is offered as a "bundled” product along with the ENP Reference Manual, or as a free-standing product if you are not interested in purchasing the ENP Reference Manual.  The bundled package combining the ENP Reference Manual and the Practice Test is available from NENA for $100.  Individually, the ENP Reference Manual is available for $50 and the Practice Test for $75.